Tray & Cup Lidding Film

Tray & Cup Lidding Film

PET Lidding Film, BOPP Lidding Film; CPET Lidding Film & CPP Lidding Film

ASE supplies material for many different tray & cup lidding machines. With our 30+ years’ experience, ASE can create the correct film for your application. Whether it needs to be printed or needs a special coated film like an anti-fog PET film or BOPP film. It can be created with special barrier properties for shelf life. If the package needs a lid film, ASE has it!

Surface Printed Lidding Films

Sometimes only a “dust cover” is needed and accordingly to marketing, you may only need to use a thin surface printed heat-sealable film. We have materials both thick & thin and can print with heat resistant inks, so the seal-plate can still seal successfully, even if the ink gets in its way. ASE currently makes high quantities of cup & lidding films and can easily group the runs to include a small amount, at the big quantity price!

Heat Sealable Lidding Films

Whether registered with eyemarks; surface printed; or reverse printed & laminated; ASE can specify and create the correct lidding rollstock to improve efficiency and automate your application. This ability to create finished webs with designs from scratch film, can include a high res graphic and even use a metalized film to add shiny/flashy design characteristics while providing adding a very low OTR/ MVTR!

For the right material on your lidding rollstock machine, Contact ASE Packaging Corporation today!