Thermoforming Film Packaging, PVC film, nylon film, poly film, and EVOH film

Thermoforming Film, PVC Film, and Nylon Film

Thermoforming films are used as the bottom web on various MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) machines. (i.e., Tiromat, Multivac, Reiser, Rollstock.) These bottom films are heated and then vacuumed formed into various depths and pocket sizes. Structures vary to be used in Cook-In Applications to Barrier packaging of fresh products such as pasta, meats and cheeses. Common structures utilize Nylon film for strength, EVOH film for barrier and long shelf life, and Metallocene, LLDPE, or Suryln bases for sealing.

Printed Thermoforming Film

Printing Thermoforming films is an easy way to make your package more attractive. Putting this Nutritional and Ingredient info on the back of the package allows for more selling room on the front, as well as a more attractive package!

Clear Thermoforming Film

ASE Packaging Corporation currently sells and stocks various sizes, structures and thicknesses of clear Forming Films. This means our customers can take advantage of our large-run price breaks without having to order and stock huge quantities of thermoforming film!

Semi-Rigid Thermoforming Film

Semi Rigid materials are another facet in forming films and are becoming a popular way to add package appeal, as well as integrity to your finished package. Consisting mostly of PVC film, PET or PP structures, ASE can supply both clear and pigmented materials to fit your semi-rigid application!

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