Packaging Machine Maintenance & Service

Our experience starts with Sam being Curwood Inc.’s FIRST Service-trainee; from 1972 to now, working “Hands On” with Vacuum, Modified Atmosphere, Horizontal/Vertical Gas Flush, Overwrappers, and Tray & Pouch Sealing machinery. We work with packaging products from Meat to Candy to Rubber Gloves to Army contract sandwiches and have used our technical experience to the benefit of our varied customer base!

ASE continues to offer FREE technical support, packaging machinery service and maintenance. We literally crawl in the machinery when necessary to complete an application or start from scratch to produce a package line.

Some FREE benefits that do not show in our packaging machine service & maintenance pricing include:

  • Design custom tooling and set up criteria for special products
  • Specify custom packaging machinery to fit applications
  • Create new or update and modernize customer graphics/logos
  • Create complete marketing packages, including package design and information marketing tools
  • Create High-Graphic layouts for eye-catching retail products
  • Custom design and fulfill product applications
  • Product Coding layout and implementation

These and many more services include the on-going packaging consultation we add as direct benefits to the partnership we form with our clients. We assure that the “Customer First” attitude is backed in real term profits that can be seen and counted on when affiliated with ASE Packaging!

Contact ASE Packaging Corporation today for packaging machine service and maintenance!