We are Packaging Consulting & Food Packaging Experts

ASE Packaging is an interactive packaging material sales company. We are packaging experts who provide packaging consulting, technical service, and art design/layout!

Packaging Experts

An in-depth explanation shows us an independent company that specializes in becoming an inimitable part of our customer’s team. Using our 30-plus years of packaging experience allows their specific packaging needs to become fulfilled. We integrate our knowledge of equipment, materials, and packaging into a finished product that our customers see as direct benefits. We help turn their packaging applications into successful products with our marketing knowledge; our in-house art design; in packaging efficiency, with our technical machinery service; and our material specification selection that allows us to custom fit manufacturers’ materials to the specific application. Many of our customers rely on us as their sole packaging consultants and that service is free, along with the other benefits we bring as a member of their packaging team.

Our motto “Customer First” lead us to create ASE Packaging to sell direct to our customers all of the packaging materials we recommend for their applications, not just what a single manufacturer can supply. In this way, we represent numerous manufacturers and can specify the exact specifications of the materials. This guarantees the end-users are assured of getting the correct material for the application. Our extra services become free to our customer-base, and most importantly, “The Buck Stops Here!” “We will be the first to tell you the key to the success of a packaging application and will stay involved to see the correct solution become a reality!”

ASE Packaging supplies, not only what is needed, but also from the most efficient supply. That means we represent manufacturers in the USA, Canada, & Mexico for quick turn-around. But we also have suppliers in Asia, Europe, & South America to bring a full spectrum of choices for materials and competitive advantages for our customer base. Acting as your procurement representative brings a fiduciary duty that obligates us to continuously monitor all aspects of packaging materials and trends. With the continual upheaval in petroleum pricing & product availability, we take on the responsibility to assure our customers get the right product and a competitive price!

Company History

ASE Packaging was started by Sam East in 1990 to act in the best interest of his customers.

Sam’s experience reaches back to the very roots of vacuum packaging in America. In 1972, Bob Woods (The Wood in Curwood Corp) hired Sam as the first trainee in their national service department. Noel Ahlness (Sam’s Father-in-Law), Fred Keonig, and Charles Hommer were Sam’s teachers. These packaging veterans came from the old Standard Cap & Seal Packaging Company. They were literally three of vacuum-packaging’s pioneers. Fred & Charles installed the first continuous wiener-packaging machine (Standard’s model 6-14 developed by Mahaffey & Harder, then employees of Standard). Noel installed the first continuous ham-packaging machine, Standard’s model 6-12. (We are talking 1950’s era here!!) Together these three men had over 100 years worth of vacuum packaging experience when Sam was lucky enough to become their trainee!

Also training Sam in horizontal overwrap cheese packaging was Harvey Heiner. He was instrumental in Kraft’s patent on continuous gas-flushed cheese packaging and Harvey developed the intermittent-gas-flush-system for Curwood on the Hayssen overwrap machine, to get around Kraft’s patent!

Over the years Sam went from serviceman to salesman, building a long-term customer relationship on the same high integrity and workmanship that he learned from his predecessors. Experience tells us that no single packaging company can meet the needs of every packaging application. In response,  Sam chose to become the customer’s advocate. In 1990 he started ASE Packaging Company. Its purpose is to bring together the customer’s application with a material that is tailored to it, rather than try to get the customer to change the application to meet a specific manufacturer’s ability. Sam’s unique prospective and capacity to draw on such a wealth of past knowledge has helped build ASE Packaging into a company that customers use as a direct arm of their company for materials, technical assistance, and packaging consultation. They know that the concept of “Customer First” is the foundation of the ASE Packaging team.

In 1998, Ethan East (Sam’s son) came on board to help carry on the legacy of the company. With a degree in business, Ethan brings another unique perspective to the team. His energy and knowledge quickly gained the respect and appreciation of clients that have seen his growth into a first-class sales & technical representative for ASE Packaging. Our past being filled with experience and success, ASE Packaging continues to put the customer first as we build on the traditions handed down and carry us forward into tomorrow.