Non-Forming Packaging Film

Non-Forming Packaging Film

Non-forming packaging films are used as the top web on various MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) machines. (i.e., Tiromat, Multivac, Reiser, Rollstock.) These top films can be either printed or clear, and vary in thickness and structures depending on the customer’s specific application. They give the package a specific top characteristic such as barrier, strength, and clarity. They can be peelable, pasteurize-able, or even breathable with low transmission values. They can be high barrier, utilizing PVDC, EVOH, Foil, or Metalized layers to prevent transmission of UV, gas, and moisture that may shorten the package shelf life. We supply the non-forming packaging films specifically tailored to achieve its full packaging effect and benefit.

Printed Non-Forming Packaging Film

Understanding the top web’s full purpose is essential to receive its full benefits. Used correctly the top web can bring package integrity and added value, such as high graphics for marketing appeal. It can show a pictured “serving suggestion”, special effect as achieved with metalized films, or add other value to your product line or company recognition. Proper package design and market-ability is another benefit we can bring to a properly finished printed package.

Clear Non-Forming Packaging Film

Clear non-forming packaging films can be generic using OPP or PET laminations or they can be intentionally designed as a specific part of an overall finished package. It may be a “bag-in-box” application or it may call for barrier properties with special strength, such as films with nylon as a base. It may require special shine, as utilized with metalized films. These materials are matched to the forming film side with tailored characteristics in mind. Peelability or high seal strength may be issues. The clear non-forming films we select are chosen with purpose, to become a benefit to the application.

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